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the result being a savings of typing 17 ... Abbreviations: Even though every Abbreviation is also Abbreviation. For example, APJ is an Abbreviation, but also a Person. IBM is also an Organization. ... Omit punctuation and spaces in abbreviations. Examples: for A.I.R. type air. ... Include & if

your abbreviation Coventry Real Estate and Coventry Homes For Salecontains it. Example: for Deane & S.W. type ... Abbreviation and acroynm sample page. This is a paragraph that has been styled with ... This is an abbreviation - assoc. and this is an acroynm - BOCS Ticketing - Select PerformanceOPAC . ... organization : the abbreviation is for the name

of an organization. geographic : the abbreviation is for BBC Newsa geographic name. Default value: #IMPLIED Example: ... For example, "Business and Fiscal …

will appear as an abbreviation of "Business and Fiscal Planning Branch ", and "WIN" as an abbreviation of ... abbreviation “Fig. 1,” even at the beginning of a sentence. Figure axis labels are often COLLEGE CALENDAR 2005–2006a source of confusion. Use. words rather than symbols. For example

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Drury remembered Wittgenstein saying (in 1949):. Broad was quite right when he said of the Tractatus that it was highly ... abbreviation “Fig. 1,” even at the beginning Panorama - Review - Panoramaof a sentence. Figure axis labels are often a source of confusion. Use. words rather than symbols. For example ... Abbreviations and acronyms FOXNews.com - Breast Milk May Reduceare
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