DENR - PTFI Agreement Highlights

The Foundation will be granted gratuitous permit to collect tarsier for research and breeding purposes. If the collection/study site falls within a protected area, a prior informed consent shall be sought from the concerned Protected Area Management Board (PAMB), and/or local government unit (LGU) or indigenous cultural community/indigenous peoples concerned prior to the collection.

The Foundation on the other hand, will carry out scientific management conservation oriented studies in Corella, Bohol and other areas to be decided by both institutions in collaboration with the DENR through Parks and Wildlife Bureau (PAWB) regional offices concerned.

The Foundation will establish a research and breeding facility in close collaboration with the concerned LGU and other appropriate offices/institutions.

The Foundation will ensure that the species and quantity collected shall not exceed the quota allowed under the gratituous permit issued by the DENR; and that species will remain the property of the Philippine government.

The Foundation agrees to a fair and equitable sharing of benefits arising from the projects as well as from the use of traditional knowledge , innovations and practices in the conduct of project – related studies.

In case of commercial application of a new product discovered or technology developed from the use of specimens collected and/or research undertaken, the Foundation shall enter into a commercial research agreement with the DENR and/ or appropriate agencies.