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As part of GLOBE TELECOM’s TREE GROWING PROGRAM, Philippine Tarsier Foundation Staff and volunteers every other morning plant seedlings along trails and barren areas of the forest. The trees specially selected by Carlito Pizarras, more famous for the alias “Tarsier man” which serves the purpose as host for INSECTS (Staple food for tarsiers) and as […]

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Jungle rulez!

I live and work in Philippine Tarsier Foundation which is basically placed in the jungle. Just behind the main building of the foundation where all the volunteers stay, there is a sanctuary where our precious tarsiers live. We are in a close touch with jungle and everything which lives there. It basically means that we share our […]

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Diving masters (well… almost)

So it happened… Coming to the Philippines, I was sure that I’d love to take diving course. Now, when two months of our stay as volunteers have passed, finally, a perfect moment to do so appeared.  All together: the volunteers from Bohol and some extra active ones from Manila ;)) plus our great mentor Joannie, […]

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Other animals

For us, volunteers of the Tarsier Foundation, Bohol is all about tarsiers. However, there are other interesting animals living here – for example giant bats with a wingspan of 1.5?1.7 m (more info: or Philippine flying lemur ( Obviously, those animals are quite difficult to spot. No worries – if you’re not lucky enough, you […]

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Hi! My name is Kamila…

Hi! My name is Kamila and I come from Poland. I’m really happy I can be part of EVS project in Philippines. This amazing country gives me opportunity to be close with nature, get to know other culture and friendly local people. According the project, I work and live in Philippine Tarsier Sanctuary in Corella […]

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