As part of GLOBE TELECOM’s TREE GROWING PROGRAM, Philippine Tarsier Foundation Staff and volunteers every [...]

enrique and team


It’s a sad but true story… Approximately three weeks ago we’ve discovered that one of [...]

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Jungle rulez!

I live and work in Philippine Tarsier Foundation which is basically placed in the jungle. Just [...]


Diving masters (well… almost)

So it happened… Coming to the Philippines, I was sure that I’d love to take [...]


Other animals

For us, volunteers of the Tarsier Foundation, Bohol is all about tarsiers. However, there are [...]


Hi! My name is Kamila…

Hi! My name is Kamila and I come from Poland. I’m really happy I can [...]

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A View from the Top

These are just some of the photos the Polish Volunteers took during the Day Trek [...]

photo by Marta Patyra.

Experience Day Trekking

Day trekking allows you to explore the tarsier inhabited forest with the added benefit of [...]

photo by marta patyra

Tarsier Conservation Efforts Gains International Attention

The Philippine Tarsier Foundation, Incorporated (PTFI) a non-stock, non-profit organization which was mandated by the [...]

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